Snippet: Fetching results after calling stored procedures using MySQL Connector/Python

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Using MySQL Connector/Python, you are calling a stored procedure which is also selecting data and you would like to fetch the rows of the result.


For this example we create a stored procedure which is executing SHOW SLAVE STATUS350vip葡京集团,.

```python cnx = mysql.connector.connect(user=’scott’, password=’tiger’, database=’mining’) cur = cnx.cursor() cur.execute(“DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS slave_status”) proc = “CREATE PROCEDURE slave_status () BEGIN SHOW SLAVE STATUS; END” cur.execute()“slave_status”)

for result_cursor in cur.stored_results(): for row in result_cursor: print(row[0]) ```

The result from the above would be:

shell $ python Waiting for master to send event


The stored_results() method of cursor object is retiring an iterator object which will go over the results proceeded after calling the stored procedure. Each result is actually a MySQLCursorBuffered object.

You could also use the with_rows cursor property to check if the cursor actually could return rows or not (for example, for SELECT statements). An example is provided in the documentation.

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